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KabbalahKabbalah esoterically interprets the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) and classical Jewish texts (halakha and aggadah) and practices (osmolog), as expressing a mystical doctrine concerning God’s simultaneous immanence and transcendence, an attempted resolution to the ancient paradox of how the ultimate Being—“that which is not conceivable by thinking” (Isaac the Blind)—nevertheless comes to be known and experienced by the created world.
KarmaHindu and Buddhist word meaning the effect of a person’s actions and conduct during the persons existence, which determined ones destiny. 
Ken WilberKenneth Earl Wilber Jr. (b. January 31, 1949, Oklahoma City, USA), is an American integral thinker and author. Working outside the academic mainstream, he has drawn on a variety of disciplines including psychology, sociology, philosophy, mysticism, postmodernism, science and systems theory to form what he calls an integral theory of consciousness.  He is a leading proponent and seen by some as a controversial member of the Integral thought movement. He founded the Integral Institute in 1998.
KenshoAn enlightenment or awakening experience.
KoanA paradoxical riddle, statement, or story, designed to overcome the ordinary ego and lead to spiritual enlightenment.
Kodak Brownie Box CameraCamera aimed at young children and named after characters created by Palmer Cox.  His characters appeared in the advertisements and aided in the huge popularity of the camera. 
KoranSacred text if Islam, considered by Muslims to contain the revelations of God to Muhammad.
KrishnaKrishna is a deity worshipped across many traditions of Hinduism. He is usually depicted as a young cowherd boy playing a flute or a youthful prince giving philosophical direction.  Most commonly within Hinduism, Krishna is worshipped as an avatar of Vishnu, who is considered the Supreme God by the Vaishnava schools.  Krishna and the stories associated with him appear across a broad spectrum of Hindu philosophical and theological traditions. Though they sometimes differ in details reflecting the concerns of a particular tradition, some core features are shared by all. These include a divine incarnation, a pastoral childhood and youth, and life as a heroic warrior and teacher.  Most commonly within Hinduism, Krishna is worshipped as an avatar of Vishnu, who is considered the Supreme God by the Vaishnava schools.
Kukla, Fran, and OllieKukla, Fran and Ollie was an early television show using puppets, originally created for children but soon watched by more adults than children. Like many early shows, it did not have a script and was entirely ad-libbed. Fran was Fran Allison, a radio comedian and singer who was usually the only human to appear onscreen, filling the role of big sister and cheery voice of reason as the puppets engaged each other concerning their foibles. The design style of puppets was in the style of Neapolitan puppet shows, or Punch and Judy without the slapstick, but their personalities were less caricatured. The puppet cast included Kukla, the earnest leader of the troupe (who looked like a clown but wasn’t one); Ollie, or Oliver J. Dragon, was a roguish one-toothed dragon who would slam his flat chin on the stage in frustration or roll on his back to be endearing; Madame Ooglepuss, a retired opera diva; Beulah Witch, a liberated witch; Fletcher Rabbit, the troupe’s mailman and resident fussbudget; Cecil Bill, the troupe’s union stagehand who spoke in “tooie talk;” Colonel Crackie, a Southern gentleman; Doloras, Ollie’s cousin, and a number of others.
KundaliniThe serpent-like primordial energy of evolution that typically lies dormant at the base of the human spine until activated by yoga, sexual activity, or other practices.

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