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Magister Ludi The chief official in charge of the Glass Bead Game in Hesse’s novel of the same name. See “The Glass Bead Game.”
MaharishiIs a Sanskrit word meaning one who has great, expanded and refined vision, including subtle forms of vision, such as the third eye and intuition that encompasses the entire universe and yet can still maintain precise detail in actions and thoughts.
Malcolm XMalcolm X (born Malcolm Little in Omaha, NE; May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965), also known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, was a Black Muslim Minister and National Spokesman for the Nation of Islam. He was also founder of the Muslim Mosque, Inc. and the Organization of Afro-American Unity.  During his life, Malcolm went from being a drug dealer and burglar to one of the most prominent black nationalist leaders in the United States; he was considered by some as a martyr of Islam and a champion of equality. As a militant leader, Malcolm X advocated black pride, economic self-reliance, and identity politics. He ultimately rose to become a world-renowned African American/Pan-Africanist and human rights activist.  During a pilgrimage to Mecca in 1964, Malcolm became a Sunni Muslim. Less than a year later he was assassinated in Washington Heights on the first day of National Brotherhood Week. 
Manifest Realm The day-to-day realm of existence freely available to the five senses; the explicate, material, world.
MarianThousands travel to Fatima, Portugal where a being said to be the virgin Mary reveals itself.  This being has also reveled itself in other places around the world.  People call upon this being in prayer, and now and then “Mary” talks with tem, giving them certain messages.  “Mary” describes herself as the end time prophet in the last remnant church of god, sent by the Lord, to give special guidance to His church in the last days.  Further, it is said that she, as our intercessor, brings the prayers of the people of God before Him.  Therefore, especially among Catholics, she is regarded as a mediator between God and man.
Marianne FaithfulMarianne Faithfull (born 29 December 1946 in Hapstead, London) is an English singer and actress whose career spans over four decades.  With a recording career that spans over four decades, Faithfull has continually reinvented her musical persona, experimenting in vastly different musical genres and collaborating with such varied artists as David Bowie, Patrick Wolf, The Chieftains, Tom Waits, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Rupert Hine, Metallica and Roger Waters. Faithfull’s subsequent solo work, often critically acclaimed, has at times been overshadowed by her personal history.
Marianne Williamson(Born 8 July 1952 in Houston, Texas, U.S.) is a spiritual activist, author, lecturer and founder of the  Peace Alliance, a grass roots campaign supporting legislation currently before Congress to establish a United States Department of Peace. Williamson’s monthly lectures are not strictly Christian, and that has been the central core of her appeal. She addresses both established Christianity and Judaism in statements such as “You’ve committed no sins, just mistakes.” She teaches love and common sense, but she does so in the irreverent language of the Seventies. Her earliest renown was for her talks on A Course in Miracles, a step-by-step method for choosing love over fear.
Martin HeideggerGerman existentialist philosopher, 1889-1976; author of Being and Time.
Martin Luther KingMartin Luther King, Jr., (January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, GA – April 4, 1968) was the most famous leader of the American civil rights movement, a political activist, a Baptist minister, and was one of America’s greatest orators. In 1964, King became the youngest man to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (for his work as a peacemaker, promoting nonviolence and equal treatment for different races). On April 4, 1968, King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. In 1977, he was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Jimmy Carter. In 1986, Martin Luther King Day was established as a United States holiday. Martin Luther King is one of only three persons to receive this distinction (including Abraham Lincoln and George Washington), and of these persons the only one not a U.S. president, indicating his extraordinary position in American history. In 2004, King was posthumously awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. King often called for personal responsibility in fostering world peace. King’s most influential and well-known public address is the “I Have A Dream” speech, delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. in 1963.
Marx-HubbardBarbara, the mother of the Conscious Evolution movement. In her youth, she attended the Dalton School in New York City. She studied at L’Ecole des Sciences Politiques at La Sorbonne in Paris during her junior year of college, and received a B.A. cum laude in Political Science from Bryn Mawr College in 1951. As of 2003, she is the mother of five and grandmother of six.  She has written five books, delivered more than 80 keynote speeches and given more than 75 interviews.  She is currently President of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, which she co-founded with Sidney Lanier in 1992.  Hubbard believes that humanity, having “come to possess the powers that we used to attribute to the gods”, is presently in a critical and dangerous “Late Transition” to “the next stage of human evolution” which began in 1945 with the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. She promotes the idea of Conscious Evolution, defined as “evolution of evolution, from unconscious to conscious choice” or “an awakening of a ‘memory’ that resides in the synthesis of human knowing, from spiritual to social to scientific”, as “the only solution” for avoiding global destruction and entering into a utopian “future of immeasurable possibilities.”
Marxist Marxism describes history with his “Five Stages of History” as determined by economics:  The 1st Stage being Primitive Communism (hunters and gatherers with no private property).  The 2nd Stage is a Slave Society, where a few people “own” all the land and everyone else has nothing; these people then become slaves working for no money and thus there are no profit motives. Because of this, according to Marx, a revolution will happen.  The 3rd Stage is Feudalism, where the workers are serfs, not slaves. They earn little money so there is very little profit motive. Eventually a merchant class develops since the serfs can not handle technological change, but this new class does not fit.  The 4th Stage is a Free Market Society. This will improve the profit motive because people are working for wages. Laws are made to protect wealth and the wealthy, But, according to Marx, this will only work with Capitalism. He also believed that Capitalism always leads to monopolies and thus the people into poverty; the better the free market works, the sooner it will destroy itself.  The 5th Stage (and final) is Communism. By now, the whole process stops and the real problem emerges: private property.
Maslow Abraham Maslow is one of the founders of humanistic psychology and transpersonal psychology. He believed that an accurate and viable theory of personality must include not only the depths but also the heights that each individual is capable of attaining.
Mary Jo KopechneKopechne was a former campaign worker for Robert F. Kennedy during the 1968 presidential campaign. She left a party, on July 18th, 1969, with Edward Kennedy on Chappaquiddick Island.  The vehicle, which Kennedy was driving, drove off the Dike Bridge into a pond and overturned.  Kopechne died and the incident almost ended Kennedy’s political career. The details of the accident and what occurred after are still unclear. 
Match GameTelevision show hosted by Gene Rayburn started in 1962. 
Max PlanckNobel Prize winning German physicist, 1858-1947.
Max YasgurMax B. Yasgur (December 15, 1919–February 9, 1973) was the owner of a dairy farm in Bethel, New York upon which the Woodstock Music and Art Fair was held on August 15-18, 1969.
May Day DemonstrationsDemonstrations taking place on May 1st in 1960’s against Vietnam War.  This day has been used by laborers around the world to express their unity and commitment for social change.
MayaThe Hindu term for creative power of Spirit, which, if viewed apart from Spirit, is merely illusory. 
McMansionsMcMansion is a slang architectural term which first came into use in the United States during the 1980s as a pejorative description and an idiom. It describes a particular style of housing that—as its name suggests—is both large like a mansion and as generic and culturally ubiquitous as McDonald’s fast food restaurants.
MDMAA substance now known as “Ecstasy” and originally known as “Adam,” renown for its ability to facilitate deep spiritual and emotional insights.
Medial Temporal LobeThe temporal lobes are part of the cerebrum. They lie at the sides of the brain, beneath the lateral or Sylvian fissure. Seen in profile, the human brain looks something like a boxing glove. The temporal lobes are where the thumbs would be.  The temporal lobe is involved in auditory processing and is home to the primary auditory cortex. It is also heavily involved in semantics both in speech and vision. The temporal lobe contains the hippocampus and is therefore involved in memory formation as well.
MeditationA process created in Eastern Religions that uses breathing and simplified thought patterns to achieve spiritual reflection and growth. A devotional exercise of or leading to contemplation and relaxation.
MemeA term coined by Richard Dawkins, it refers to an information virus (similar to a gene, but informational rather than genetic), or a unit of cultural evolution.
Michael MurphyThe key figure in the creation of the Esalen Institute, Michael Murphy has written about human evolution and transformation in non-fiction books such as The Future of The Body and novels such as Golf in the Kingdom, and Jacob Atabet.
Mickey MantleMickey Charles Mantle (October 20, 1931 – August 13, 1995) was an American baseball player who was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1974.
Mihaly CsikszentmihalyiPsychologist who has pioneered the concept of “flow” states of consciousness through several books including Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.
Mind of godA term coined by physicists to describe a field of energy that has only been recently validated. The energy field links all of creation in ways we’re only beginning to understand.
MiniskirtThe miniskirt is a skirt with a hemline well above the knees (generally 20 cm – about 8 inches – or more above knee level). The mini was the defining fashion symbol of “Swinging London” in the 1960s.
MonadsLeibnitz’s term for an indivisible, impenetrable, unit of physical reality.
MonicaMonica Samille Lewinsky (born July 23, 1973 in San Francisco) is an American woman who is believed to have performed oral sex to the  President of the United States Bill Clinton while she worked at the White House in 1995-1996. Its repercussions in the Impeachment of Bill Clinton and the surrounding scandals of 1997-99 became known as the Lewinsky scandal, or “Monicagate.” The scandal severely affected Clinton’s second term and gave Lewinsky significant notoriety.
Moody BluesRock & roll band formed in 1964 in Birmingham, England with Denny Laine/guitar & vocals, Mike Pinder/keyboards &vocals, Ray Thomas/flute & vocals, Clint Warwick/bass and Graeme Edge/drums. The following they amassed bordered on religion and their has been lectures about their music in universities.
Mr. ToadCharacter created by Kenneth Grahame in his books The Wind in the Willows and more. 
M-TheoryPrior to M-Theory, strings were though to be the single fundamental constituent of the universe, according to string theory.  When M-theory unified the five superstring theories, another spatial dimension, the approximate equations in the original five superstring models proved too weak to reveal membranes.  A membrane, or brane, is a multidimensional object, usually called a p-brane, with p referring to the number of dimensions in which it exists.  The value of ‘p’ can range from zero to nine, thus giving branes dimensions in which it exists.  The value of ‘p’ can range more than the world we are accustomed to inhabiting (3 spatial and 1 time).  The inclusion of p-branes does not render previous work in string theory wrong on account of not taking note of these p-branes.  P-branes are much more massive (“heavier”) than strings, and when all higher dimension p-branes are much more massive than strings, they can be ignored, as researchers had done unknowingly in the 1970’s.
Multiple realitiesVery real dimensions that people go to when they are not taking part in “this” world, earth
MushroomsPsilocybin mushrooms possess psychedelic properties. They are commonly known as “magic mushrooms” or “shrooms”, and are available in smart shops in many parts of the world. A number of other mushrooms are eaten for their psychoactive effects, such as fly agaric, which is used for shamanic purposes by tribes in northeast Siberia. They have also been used in the West to potentiate, or increase, religious experiences. Because of their psychoactive properties, some mushrooms have played a role in native medicine, where they have been used to effect mental and physical healing, and to facilitate visionary states.
MyelinThe white fatty substance that sheathes connections between neurons – isn’t just important during  brain development.  Its presence and abundance are critical throughout life, and it may be a crucial arbiter of one’s quality of life in aging.  This is clearly so in demyelinating diseases like multiple sclerosis, a neurodegenerative disease in which the body’s immune system actively attacks myelin in the brain and spinal cord, resulting in impaired movement, vision, speech and possibly death.  But the loss of myelin with age has also been associated with Alzheimer’s disease.  Bartzokis says the brain boasts the most myelin at around age 50.  After that the consequences of aging begin to overwhelm its production and maintenance.
Myths to Live ByCampbell uses myths from Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc to show how myths govern our perceptions. 

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