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UFOsAn unidentified flying object, or UFO, is any real or apparent flying object which cannot be identified by the observer and which remains unidentified after investigation. Sightings of unusual aerial phenomena date back to ancient times, but reports of UFO sightings started becoming more common after the first widely publicized U.S. sighting in 1947. Many tens of thousands of such claimed observations have since been reported worldwide, and it is very likely many more go unreported due to fear of public ridicule because of the social stigma created around the UFO topic. In popular culture throughout the world, UFO is commonly used to refer to any hypothetical alien spacecraft but the term flying saucer is also regularly used.
UndergroundThe unmodified term "The underground" was a common name for World War II resistance movements. It was later applied to counter-cultural movement(s) many of which sprang up during the 1960s.  These 1960s and 1970s underground cultural movements had some connections to the "beat generation" which had, in turn, been inspired by the philosophers, artists and poets of the Paris Existentialist movement which gathered around Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus in the years after World War II. Sartre and Camus were members of Combat a French resistance group formed in 1942 by Henri Frenay. Frenay, Sarte and Camus were all involved in publishing Underground newspapers for the resistance. The French underground culture which inspired Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg in America in the 1940s was steeped in socialist thinking before the cold war began, but this wasn't the monolithic socialism of the totalitarian Soviet state, but rather the free-thinking and expressive socialism of artists and dreamers attempting to re-think society.
Unified Field TheoryIn physics, unified field theory is an attempt to unify all the fundamental forces and the interactions between elementary particles into a single theoretical framework.  The term was coined by Einstein who attempted to reconcile the general theory of relativity with electromagnetism in a single field theory.  His quest provided elusive and a unified field theory, sometimes grandiosely referred to as the Theory of Everything (Toe, for short), has remained the holy grail for physicists, the ling-sought theory which would explain the nature and behavior of all matter.
Universal MindThe consciousness of the Supreme Being, which is said to inhabit the entire universe and provide power to it. 
UpanishadAncient Hindu philosophical treatises commenting on the even earlier Vedas.
Uri GellerUri Geller (born December 20, 1946 in Tel Aviv) is an Israeli-British performer and celebrity who has drawn both fame and criticism with his claims to have psychic powers.  Geller rose to fame after performing a series of televised demonstrations which he said were paranormal performances of psycho kinesis, dowsing and telepathy. His demonstrations included bending spoons, describing hidden drawings, and making watches stop or run faster. Geller says that he did these feats through willpower and the strength of his mind, but many of the effects that Geller attributes to psychic abilities are easily imitated by stage magic tricks.  Although Geller persuaded some scientists with his demonstrations in the 1970s, several skeptics and professional magicians deny that he has paranormal abilities. These critics, who include James Randi and Martin Gardner, have accused him of using his demonstrations fraudulently outside of the entertainment business.
Uroborus The symbol of the snake swallowing its own tail, seen first in ancient Egyptian statuary and popularized by Carl Jung.

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